Content Strategy & Marketing 101

Quickly get up to speed on the fundamentals of a content creation and marketing strategy.

Hey! I’m Julia McCoy, the creator behind this course.

Did you know that only 9% of B2B companies feel confident about their strategy, a huge decrease from those that are creating content (94% of small businesses)? Today’s content marketing problem is knowing how to strategize and create content that works: achieves ROI, results, and builds a brand’s community online. It’s time for a go-to, strategy masterplan on the subject that produces viable, working results.

My goal is to change the practical education in our industry with my all-new Practical Content Strategy Certification Course — and this free course you’re about to embark on is a taste.

Here’s the thing: I learned my skills through a self-taught, hard-knocks path. And it wasn’t easy. The past six years full-time in content marketing has taught me so much–and I want to translate and filter that knowledge to today’s new content marketing generation. I want to make it easy to know the practical skills and “how” of content strategy and marketing.

Let me show you the practical side of content strategy and marketing. Get a taste of my industry-leading all-access certification course right here, in my mini 5-day free course.

– Julia

What's in this free course?

This free course covers 5 mini lessons broken up into 5 days, with short videos that range from 2 – 20 minutes each. You’ll even receive downloadable worksheets attached to the lessons, with actionable exercises.

Get immediate access to all lessons within Content Strategy & Marketing 101 when you enroll at no cost:

  • Discover exactly how content strategy fits into your content marketing
  • Find out how to set content marketing ROI goals and convince your clients on the investment
  • Find out EXACTLY how to SEO-optimize your content using the same tactics I used to get in the top 3 of Google in a matter of months
  • Learn how to stay ON TOP of the industry and sharpen your skillsets with just a small time investment weekly
  • Learn inside tactics that I use to turn old, icky content into brand new SALES